Distech Controls® manufactures unique and innovative building management technologies that aim to optimize energy efficiency and comfort for buildings of any type. The system is truly open and can create a sustainable foundation that will support and evolve with you and your staff throughout the lifecycle of your facility. It includes a wide range of innovations and technologies, including IP-based controllers and a refined graphical user interface, that let you leverage operating data into better building management.


Native BACnet, Web-based GUI, Traditional or Wireless Solutions, System Integration, Building Internet of Things, Programmable Controllers, Intelligent Sensors, Data Visualization & Analytics, Niagara Embedded Controllers, Lighting Control, IP-based Controllers, Backward-Forward Compatible.

Systems Integration

Help eliminate multiple software platforms, reduce costs for operator training, and cut down on the need for additional hardware. Our approach is geared around delivering the best technology solution to suit your specific needs and manage your building systems more efficiently.

Building Management

When important decisions are being made regarding building improvements, the emphasis is all too often put on the first cost while the greater picture of maintaining the building is not even considered. Building management looks beyond initial costs and can empower your building automation and analytics systems to uncover day-to-day savings and assist in proactive facility maintenance.

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